Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dubai Revisited

Dubai Revisited is a series of images taken on a recent trip.
All images were taken with the Panasonic GF1.
This camera proved itself yet again to be the perfect carry everywhere kit as even with the 3 lenses and other bits in the shoulder bag, it weighed no more than a large DSLR.

This is the foyer to the Metropolitan Hotel on Sheik Zayed Road, a fabulous hotel with great service that I would recommend to anyone.

Unfortunately, the viewing platform on the Burj Khalif was closed so instead I decided an outside shot would look more impressive at night - the tallest building in the world just goes on and on!

In contrast to the tallest and the most modern, I spent a day with my daughter taking photos in the "true heart" of Dubai - the Creek, I wanted to try and capture some of the personalities who live and work in this area and having an attractive European lady with me certainly helped - they were more than happy to let us take their photos.

This is Jumeirah Beach Residence where my daughter and most of the other Ex pats live, the appartments are huge and luxurious with their own pools and a short walk to the sea, restaurants, bars and nightclubs - very much the opposite end of the spectrum from the Creek.

Shoppers and Sheila's (my wife) paradise, the Malls of Dubai - there are a few including the largest Mall in the world and all are beautiful with incredible customer service.

The Yas Hotel - this is Dubais hotel on the new Formula 1 circuit between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is the height of oppulence with its own Marina for yachts and seaplanes!
Our daughter Zea took us there as a treat for Mothers Day and we had a running buffet that lasted 4 hrs so you could graze as you wanted too - incredible selection of food, service and surroundings.

Sheila's final request was to walk on the beach - we walked from the Burj Al Arab for about 5 miles along the golden sands and saw sights from the local school children who were having a lunctime paddle, to couples and local workers chilling out.

I have tried to capture some of the soul of Dubai and it's people through these images rather than make it a family photo book.
I do want to thank all the people of Dubai no matter their status, nationality, cast or creed for having two very important traits sadly lacking in our country - Respect and courtesy!


Anonymous Phil said...

Quality set of images Ian, really enjoyed viewing them, I nthink you have captured the spirit of the place along with the culture of the people and added some interesting and fun images, many thanks

1 Apr 2010, 18:48:00  
Blogger jony said...

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