Monday, 29 December 2008

Canon Powershot G10 Portraits and people

I thought I would start a new post just for Portraits and people shots taken with the G10. I am very happy with the quality of the Raw images taken at maximum zoom (140mm).

This image I took of my wife yesterday, I used a touch of fill flash and I am very pleased with the result, it managed to lift her hat from the dark background and produce nice tones.

My wife took this image of me and she has no interest in photography so I passed her the camera, told her what to do and "Voila" an image we are both satisfied with - well you can't do much about the subject matter!

A fairly quick couple of grab shots of our daughter as she passes through!

Some Street shots taken in Cheltenham after the Christmas weekend!


Blogger roentarre said...

You did the protraits rather nicely. Well done!

31 Dec 2008, 07:54:00  
Blogger Adam L. said...


Thanks for the great photos. I bought the G10 a few days ago on a whim, based only on having owned a G2 in '01. I was a little concerned when I saw some of the comments, but you've proved that the little guy can actually do the job.


6 Apr 2009, 14:52:00  

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