Monday, 4 June 2007

Brighton Jun 2007

A collection of images taken with a Canon 5D, and with the Ricoh GRD compact.
The canon 5D are the first set of images up to and including the older gentleman in the deckchair on the pier. The Ricoh images start with the two men in coats sat in deckchairs on the pier.
The Ricoh images all have a higher saturation of colours that resembles images taken with Fuji Velvia, I find them different but pleasant and hope you do to.
Thank you for viewing, and all comments are appreciated.

All images were taken in Raw and converted using Photoshop.


Blogger Rui said...

Very nice photos Ian, as ever.

11 Jun 2007, 16:08:00  
Blogger Michael Wagler said...

It's very job, excellent !

10 Sep 2007, 19:00:00  
Anonymous Tracnac said...

You + GRD = Very very nice photos...


9 Oct 2007, 07:41:00  

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