Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Canon Powershot G10

I wanted to take some abstract photos with vibrant colours so here they are!

Taken on an overcast day

I wanted to try and capture the close of days and the changing sky. They were taken at a viewpoint near Nympsfield in Glos on a very windy late afternoon / evening with intermittent rain. I used the trees as foreground interest to balance the images - This first image reminded me of a film clip of a nuclear explosion just as the fireball starts to erupt.

I took this at the maximum 140mm setting and macro to enable the leaf to stand out from the colours of the background, it has worked well from my point of view.

The touch of frost on the blades of grass as well as their sweeping shape and intermittent leaves all seem to come together in a gentle yet chilly image.

The condensation coupled with the colours and shapes seemed to complement the old and peeling window frame.

Finally got the G10 Raw for PS so went out today to the old Saxon church in the Duntisbourne's, this is an amazing old building that must have seen some sights over the years.
I am very pleased with the Raw and images at 100% are incredible.

I went out this evening to try the camera on a very cold and misty evening around the back streets of Cirencester, I came home because my hand without a glove froze and I could not bend my finger - The G10, carried on working as sweet as a well tuned car despite the cold and mist.

Cirencester had it's Christmas light "switching on" event last night so thought I would try and grab a few night shots to see how the G10 performs at night, I am happy!

This couple had just got married and where having some photos taken in the Cloisters so I grabbed a couple of shots.

This old bike sits outside the Museum that has a shop front unchanged for years and full of character.

A set of 3 images taken inside Gloucester Cathedral, it is undergoing internal work so access is limited, the Cloisters are amazing.

An afternoon in Gloucester gave me the chance to photograph a few characters in the city centre, it was cold and overcast so shot at varying ASA.

These 4 images are taken at the old gravel works that is currently being filled in and landscaped, I hope it will become a nature reserve but money drives people to destroy according to their needs.
I have enjoyed taking photographs here for many years and have used it as a testing ground for new equipment and new ideas - it will be missed by many!

A stunning sunset over the lakes near South Cerney Water Park

The peaceful gardens of Swindon Crematorium

The winding road and contrasting colours attracted me to this scene

The colours of leaves add to this image of the path and the next one below - true Autumn colours

Three classic views of Bath on a very wet and overcast day

The Lock gates and old keepers cottage that has been lovingly rennovated

Bath Centre on that wet and overcast day

The famous row of cottages at Bibury

Cirencester new cattle market - 400ASA

The viewpoint looking toward Gloucester

Cirencester on a Friday



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very Nice Shots,
Thanks for your sharing.

18 Nov 2008, 08:44:00  
Blogger Rob Leslie said...

Stunning Cathedral shots. The G10 is certainly a very good camera in the hands of the right person.
I also like the Street shots from it.

23 Nov 2008, 10:44:00  

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