Friday, 25 December 2009

Panasonic GF1

I have been reading all the various reviews from Sean Reed, DPP, Luminous Landscape etc on the GF1/EP1(2) and to me they indicate the GF1 being the camera that best suits my own needs as a carry all (my Canon G10 now resides in Dubai with my daughter who is doing some great work with it).
The autofocus on the camera is lightning fast (as fast as my 5D was) and I am very happy with the images so far......they are a "huge" step up in quality from the G10 and even the DP1 and the shutter has no lag as well as shooting in RAW + high quality JPEG the write time is almost instant!

Took a trip to one of our local open farms today and tried to capture close in shots of some of the animals.

Yet another mixed bag of weather lately so managed to capture a few images between snow/sun/rain!

Managed to grab a couple of keepers today and have also changed the border to see how that works.

I was passing this lake on my way home and noticed the combination of sunset and birds so just had to take the shot.

Door within a door

Very cold and windy today but a little more colour in the sky!

Had a bit of snow overnight so managed to grab a few images to give me a break from computer, I am very happy with the images produced by the GF1 using both 20 & 14-45mm lenses.

A couple of images of "Arlington Row" in Bibury, Glos - these are cottages purchased in 1929 by the Royal Society of Arts, they are full of character and have a mysterious air about them.

I had the feeling someone was watching me but could not see them, when I processed the image I saw what looks like a face at the window - they were not apparent to the naked eye!

This is a scene I keep coming back to.

Here is my first portrait of 2010 - a photo of my wife in her Vintage shop - I took it in the square format setting, and used the incredible 20mm lens.

Here is my first post for 2010 - taken today in the park on a cold, frosty yet sunny day - I cannot think of a better start to the New Year and may the sun shine on you all!

2009 Images:
Well, I have had this camera now for one week so thought I would take my final images of 2009.
The first 4 are taken inside Gloucester Cathedral, all using the 14-45 zoom and tripod.

I managed to grab a couple of shots at the docks and used selective focussing to add impact.

The next five are general street images.

Took my Father-in-law to the Swindon Railway Museum today and shot using GF1+20mm all on tripod - I am very happy with the results, and converted to B&W to go with the era!

Some of the other images taken to date:


Blogger Brad C said...

I agree with you - the GF1 is a great step up from the G10 (I went the same route). While the G10 was capable of great images, it seemed to take a lot more work and perfect conditions. Great images - the trains ones really work in B&W.

Happy new year!

31 Dec 2009, 22:47:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos.
I enjoyed the last shot as it looked like a place I'd like to be.
The 20mm appears to be a very versatile lens. It's on my shopping list!

8 Jan 2010, 14:53:00  
Blogger eolake said...

"they are a "huge" step up in quality from the G10"

Is this really so? I was of the impression that the G10 has great quality.
And I have the G7, makes nice big prints.

(Not that I challenge that the GF1 has outstanding quality, I have it, and the 20mm.)

10 Jan 2010, 11:48:00  
Blogger eolake said...

... It's amazing they could make that great lens so small and fast.

10 Jan 2010, 11:48:00  

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