Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sigma DP1

The more I use this camera, the more impressed I become with it - it has the ability to capture details and tones incredibly well and this alone makes any shortcomings easily forgiven for me. We can all go on for ages about what we would like a camera to do better, but it is in the use of it as it is that makes it so rewarding when producing images we are happy with!

Yet another day with the snow still around only today we had some nice sunshine and blue skies with clouds to complete the scene. I am again impressed by how well the DP1 captures the scenes with a minimum (minus 1 third EV) of compensation. There are images from previous but with the snow they look a lot better.

Another image of these tall trees that appeal to me, this time I shot from further away to capture the bigger scene with the impact of the sky.
More shots from Cirencester Park, the one below is a snow carving that someone had done yesterday and the frost overnight preserved it.

We have had some pretty heavy snow (for the UK) over the past few days and today before I was able to travel to work, then when I had finished I managed to take some photos to capture the weather.

I actually took this the other day on the way to work.

These were all taken today after a further fall of snow.

These are taken in Cirencester Park, about 1 min from where I live.

Some images taken around town.

These were taken around the church and Abbey grounds.

I took a drive to Gloucester on Saturday as the weather was supposed to be sunny and changeable, it was so I managed to capture three different subject areas.

Gloucester Cathedral, even though it is going through rennovation it is still very majestic.

The Docks, there are usually some fairly good images to be had here so I managed to grab a few I am happy with.

I thought I would take advantage of the dry weather and try a few "Street" shots, so far so good as long as you think about the images and plan ahead.

I took this today on my way home, it was another cold evening but the sunset was superb over the lake and once more the DP1 captured the scene very well.

I took a drive out to Barbury Castle ruins yesterday to try and capture some of the open views and changing sky, it was a mixed afternoon with threatening rain and changing light.

A shot I took by the lakes at South Cerney on the way home

I just love the pastel shapes and condensation on the glass in this image.

Another very cold day today with completely flat lighting and limited visibility due to the mist but again the DP1 produced some images I am very happy with.

Despite the cold weather, we had some nice sun today with blue sky but very few clouds. It gace me the chance to try the DP1 in better conditions and it has not dissapointed - the detail it captures is amazing.

I love the colours in this and the very cold weather and ensuing mist caused the dying sun to diffuse into beautiful colours.

I took this further down the road and before the one above hence the different colours in the sky.

Taken earlier in the day - these sheep were very nosey.

The village of Painswick, behind the church with beautiful old houses.

This is a series of fountains that drain from the main lake in front of the Cowley Manor Hotel.

A view across the valley, this image does not do credit and the original Raw has details in the powerlines on the distant hill.

Cowley Manor Hotel, one of our more reclusive and exclusive hotels in beautiful surroundings.

Another of the lakes in the grounds of Cowley Manor

Yet another waterfall that drains from the Cowley Manor lake system

An empty shop in Painswick, I liked the shape of the window frames that look a little neglected, and the condensation on the window panes.

These are a couple of images I took on my way home from Cheltenham the other day, they demonstrate just how flat the lighting was and how cold and misty the day!

A couple of images taken in Cheltenham - you cannot imagine how dull and misty it was but the detail this camera resolves is incredible!

Another very cold day with flat lighting (-2), I like these old cottages and their stonework is appropriate for this type of weather.

This open field is close to the cottages and again the cold weather produces a mix of tones and textures that the DP1 captures well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these DP1 images!

1 Jan 2009, 19:07:00  
Blogger Gareth Gardner said...

It's great to see your DP1 images. I totally share your view that it's a fantastic little camera that I continue to grow to love.

14 Jan 2009, 16:52:00  

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