Monday, 6 April 2009

Dubai - A City of two halves (Mar 2009)

Dubai is an amazing City of contrasts between the rich who live a very oppulent lifestyle and the workers, many of whom come from neighouring countries to find work so they can send money home to support their families.
Every person I met or came into contact with was friendly and I felt totally safe on my own in some of the less moneyed areas of the city
I purposely only took compact cameras (Canon G10 that I used for 90% of these images) so as not to be intrusive and offend and so far I am very happy with the images they have produced.

Dubai Creek - the old heart of Dubai where the original traders started, still a busy area with boats carrying their goods out to sea and workers busy loading or resting!

In contrast to the Creek is the world famous Burj Al Arab hotel, the only 7 star hotel in the world and a perfect example of "money no object". The hotel limos were white Rolls Royce's. You can only gain entry by having an appointment.

Dubai is a city that is full of many varied populations each with their own characters so I have tried to capture some of the essence of the people.

The migrant workers on the construction sites and in the Creek are up early and finish late, as a results they grab a quick sleep when they can and take advantage of any surface they can find!

We spent a day at "Bab Al Shams", a hotel resort 45KM into the desert with clear sand and camels - a fantastic day of relaxation, good food and no stress or dust. The first few images are of my daughter Zea who lives and works as a Commercial Designer in Dubai - she wanted some shots in the desert sand!

A series of images taken to show some of the buildings, Malls and sites - the first 4 images are taken in Abu Dhabi about 90 minutes drive away and in comparison very far behind Dubai, it is however more prudent with it's spending and may well take over from Dubai as a trading centre in the not too distant future.

I have finished the post off with the inevitable "Family" shots, you know the ones - me with her with him with them.............................................


Blogger Rob Leslie said...

Great shots Ian. I feel as if I have really shared your trip and seen something of Dubai. The G10 was a good choice of camera to take, once again it has done well.

7 Apr 2009, 22:32:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your work, or pleasure maybe more appropriate since photography is obviously something you love. I just ordered my G10 and I'm going to try this RAW thing I have read so much about. Thank you for sharing.

12 Apr 2009, 18:55:00  

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