Monday, 18 January 2010

Brighton - Squared

I just spent 3 days with my wife in Brighton, UK - she spent most of her time shopping! mine was spent taking pictures using the GF1 and for 99% of the images, the fantastic 20mm lens.
We had a real mix of weather from fog, to rain and heavy winds that whipped up the sea with huge waves.
I have tried to capture an essence of the visit and Brighton as we love it and have deliberately shot using the square format only.
I hope all who view it, enjoy it and please feel free to write a comment.

Brighton - February 2010


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great GF1 gallery, thanks! :)

20 Jan 2010, 03:00:00  
Blogger BB W. said...

I'm glad I followed your link from Wonderful to see even more of your photos. Many thanks!

20 Jan 2010, 04:41:00  
Blogger Rob Leslie said...

Do not misunderstand me I think the GF1 is a lovely camera but I have to wonder. You have a Leica M8 with lenses and now you have another camera with two lenses. Having those two lenses doesn’t exactly make it a compact so I doubt you would carry the GF1 and the Leica on a day out? I also have my doubts about the GF1 and using MF focus Leica lenses on it. Using the rear LCD screen makes focusing a slow business and if you buy the optional finder then it is yet another piece of gear to carry. Of course I don’t mention the other factor (Important to me) and that is the cost of a GF1 20mm lens and kit lens. Is that a good buy as a pocket camera? It’s a good buy as a quality outfit but you already have one of the best quality outfits available. Puzzled!

20 Jan 2010, 12:06:00  
Blogger supermeera said...

Hi Ian, I too followed your link from the MU-43 website, I'm just wondering how you get such nice contrast on your pictures? Do you use filters, like a polarizer, or play with the exposure settings? Also is it possible to see some of your EXIF information on a few pics? I usually like to see how others take pictures so I too can try and emulate!

And awesome pictures, I love the Brighton gallery!

1 Feb 2010, 23:21:00  
Blogger Federico Zaza said...

Ian, very well done!
I liked very much the atmosphere connecting all the pictures.
Also you did very very well with the square format ( I couldn't do it!)

Keep on sharing!
Thank you!


2 Feb 2010, 21:19:00  
Blogger J-Hob said...

Some great photos there Ian, I like your use of the square format. I particularly like the two with figures on the beach and the one with the wave swelling and at the bottom of the frame.

When I found that my GF1 could crop to the square it was a real added bonus!

26 Feb 2010, 21:35:00  
Anonymous Remus Beltran said...

Looking at those photos above helped me decide to buy the camera. Thanks a lot for sharing those lovely art. I hope i can make at-least decent photos with the GF1 i like it a lot. Cheers!

13 Mar 2010, 16:40:00  

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