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19 Mar 2011 - The biggest moon visible for 18yrs as it is at it's closest to earth on it's orbit.

Cirencester in the snow
More snow images from the local area.

Swindon Town.
My wife was doing a vintage event today so I ventured into town with the GF1+20mm lens.

A couple of frosty days in the local area.

Cirencester Christmas market place.

Cirencester at night.
D700+24mm at 1600ASA hand held images of some of the windows and the market place, too cold for people to stay around too long though and no snow..........yet!

Cirencester Park.
Took a walk in our local park today with my wife Sheila, it was cold, clear and very crisp so took the D700+300mm f4 IF ED lens - had to push the ISO high and for some of them up to 3200 but the D700 handled it well.

Latton area.
I was on the way home and passed this favourite shot of mine, saw the mist and the faint moon through the trees so had to get the shot - only had the GF1 + 20mm lens but it did a fantastic job of capturing the scene as I saw it.

This was taken near Poulton and the sun just illuminated the colour in the trees and the drive.

Sunset at the Lakes.
We had a beautiful sunset at the lakes tonight so I managed to grab a couple of images I am happy with, the swans in the first image made it for me.

Westonbirt Arboretum
Sheila took me here today to see the colours, started off overcast & dull and rapidly turned to a very fine and continuous rain so camera kit got a good soaking but kept on going (Thank you Nikon)

South Cerney lakes.
This is a view of the Watermark Club taken on a cold & overcast day.

This tree draws me back time & again and this time of year displays vibrant colours.

A wet day in the city and he was trying to sell his papers.

This is the old Roman Ampitheatre that that is a panoramic from 6 images.

Street Photography Project - Instruction: "Document some evidence of human ingenuity that would otherwise go unnoticed. Do it without including any humans in the picture"

I took a trip to Bibury today with my friend Rob who is a great photographer, apart from the mandatory Arlington Row shots I managed to grab a few of a local wedding.

Cirencester Abbey Grounds.

I spent a few hours in Gloucester taking some street shots then ventured to the docks.

This Photographer was not having a good day even though he had a pretty model, he could not get the height he needed, then he untaped his light stand from the pole and it blew over and broke the umbrella stem - he then gave it up for a bad job and went for a coffee - I did manage to grab these 3 images though.

This gent looks very much like Tommy Lee Jones - the film star

24 hours in London - we visited Camden and Spittalfields.

Bath 2.
Another trip to Bath yesterday and as usual, interesting people and an ever changing scene.


Angel of Islington annual festival - great event with friendly and interesting people.

We went to London over the weekend and visited Camden Town on Sat afternoon - it was manic and full of "Interesting people".
This is Prince Albert - current Guiness Book of Records holder for the most piercings!

A quick stop in Tetbury allowed me to grab these 4 images.

A mix of Cotswold stone wall and washing on the line near Birdlip and a sunlit hillside from Nympsfield viewpoint.

Took a trip to Barbury Castle area today to get some scenic shots of the dramatic sky and open vistas.
This is a 3 image panorama

This is an area that is favoured by Paragliders due to the good updraft and thermals.

A few images from a quick trip to Bath.


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Great people/street shots from the Islington event.

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