Sunday, 28 August 2011

GF1 does B&W

November images - 2011

Images from yesterday 12 Nov, taken in Gloucester.

A couple of landscapes from yesterday - 12 Nov.

Sun 6 Nov images

Images from yesterday Sat 5 Nov

Went into town today for some shopping, took the GF1+20 as usual and glad I did as I was able to capture these 3 images.

3 Images from an overcast day today, again the GF1+20mm delivers and creates nice moody landscapes.

Just spent 2 weeks on the road with little time for photography but managed a night off in my old home town of Chester, Uk.
Took these images of the river Dee and weir at night and a shot before I left of a street artist preparing for his punters.

Attended a meeting almost under this bridge in Edinburgh and had to capture it with the low cloud just hitting the top. Also grabbed a couple of landscapes of the beautiful Scottish landscape on a cloudy day.

A couple of images taken on a dull, overcast and damp day - once more they show what the GF1 can produce.

I was out with the GF1 and saw this fast approaching downpour, just had to grab the image before it arrived - thunder, lightning & torrential rain for about 20min - worth the shot though.

Nostalgic trip back to Aldershot - I was based there when serving with Airborne Forces many years ago!
A lot of changes (for the worst) and it seems the heart has been sucked out of it. Still, managed to grab a few shots that reminded me of the old days.

This poster resides on the wall in the Trafalgar Inn (not B&W as I wanted to retain effect)

This was the mainstay of transport during the conflicts in Northern Ireland

The barman in the Trafalgar

The Tralfagar Inn - main drinking hole of Airborne Forces in years gone bye.

The Queens Hotel - many a family stayed there for Passing Out Parade

The Queen Vic - used to be an "upmarket" watering hole......changed a little.

The old Odeon cinema - first date with my wife spent here - not sure what film was!

The parade today to celebrate RAPTC - well supported by locals

Station Road - looking sad

Former site of Roundabout Club - more fights here than Cassius Clay had in total career

The Oasis on the hill when returning from town with a skin full of ale!

Maida Gym - Pain Palace where we suffered in many forms, lost more blood here than in hospital.

Main entrance to "The temple of doom"

The shop to buy your military supplies from

The railway station - seen many soldiers, arrive, fail and leave.

The current trend in takeaways

A quick trip to London for the Islington - Angel Canal Festival.
Apart from some rain on Sun it was a great day with super people.

A set of miscellaneous images with the GF1 + 20mm


Anonymous Bill Gordon said...

I think your work is just wunnerful and the Monochrome is amazing with the aging processing that you did.

31 Aug 2011, 23:57:00  
Anonymous Jorge Ledesma said...

Excellent set of images, I enjoyed them very much. I came here via mu 4/3 and now I'm a happy follower.


10 Sep 2011, 20:01:00  

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